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The Skadoosh

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Very quick to respond and we got a ton of streams!

“My song got added on a huge playlist and saw a lot of streams right from day 1. Will definitely submit again :)”


- Johnny Stewart


Great feedback and thanks for the playlist placement

"I really appreciate the feedback the A&R department gave me regarding my songs. I am in the middle of recording a new album and plan to incorporate many of your critiques into the new mixes. Also, I was very happy to have one of my songs included in your playlist "a walk in the forest." A very pleasant surprise! I look forward to sharing more of my tracks with you in the future."


- Forrest Hill


Great exposure!

"Very quick to share, solid feedback, and I got on some amazing playlists. They have a lot of listeners and i got a few dm's from random people saying they found my songs on these playlists, felt pretty good :)"


- Ed Rodgers


A1 Team & Playlists!

"Amazing playlists and even better people running them. Tushar and the team the real ones for pushing independent artists organically!"




Great Support of Indie Artists!

"Got added to some really cool playlists! Only been one day so far but no complaints! Some good streams coming in :) thank you for supporting my new single and helping spread the word!"


- Allesandro


Great services with great feedback

"Great services with great feedback! Why GreaseRelease is so special is because they don’t just decline music if they don’t see it as a fit to their playlists, but they actually explain in depth why the song did not make the cut, with helpful tips as well!"


- Massimo Cretu




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