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How To Upload Your Song Lyrics On Apple Music

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Lyrics on Apple Music: Everything You Need To Know


Listening to music with the lyrics showing up is a VIBE, because, the lyrics can tell a story that resonates with you and make the listening experience a lot better. Adding lyrics to your songs on all the streaming platforms becomes vital because you will not only be giving your listeners the words that are telling your story, but you will also be removing the chance that they will just sing wrong! 


You could add your song lyrics on Spotify and if you already haven’t, we got you. Read our article on the same here: How To Get Your Song Lyrics On Spotify. 


As far as Apple Music is concerned, take a look at the procedure mentioned below.


You could send your song lyrics directly to Apple Music. Firstly select a song from the tab ‘Artist Content.’ Every track without any lyrics uploaded originally by you will include a (+) icon. A drop-down bar will open once you click on that. Select ‘Add Lyrics.’ Copy and paste the compiled lyrics into the Song Lyrics domain. Apple Music has a guideline for uploading the lyrics. Make sure you abide by the formatting regulations for lyrics in the lyrics guidelines. And yeah, you are pretty much done!




Apple Music Guidelines


Now, the guidelines that you have to look out for. Lyrics are arguably the most important part of the track. The guidelines assert that the lyrics should have general formatting, that is, the song structure should allude to the intro, first verse, hook, second verse, instrumental bridge, hook, and so on. If you still are confused about song structures, we recommend you read our article on Song Structure Templates for Beginners 


When typing lyrics, it is critical to use line and paragraph breaks to differentiate lyrical segments and shifts within a track. All the lines of the lyrics should be single-spaced, and each verse must be separated by a double space. You could also look into certain pointers such as changes in the tempo, chorus to rap, and so on. 


Formal grammatical guidelines must be adhered to while capitalizing your verses. Proper nouns are required to be capitalized. Furthermore, each line should begin with an uppercase. Brand names such as Versace, Christian Dior, and so on must be capitalized, and religious phrases and references such as Almighty, God, Him, His, and so on must be in uppercase as mentioned. The first letter of the initial word in parentheses must also be in uppercase. At the end of any lyric line, there should be no full stops or commas. 



Exclamation marks, question marks, as well as inverted commas must be utilized as the only final punctuation. It is crucial to adhere to conventional grammatical rules inside that line. Just at end of a line, the chorus must be embedded in brackets, with the first letter in upper case. 


If you have lines that are repeating, you’d have previously written your music something like this:


We’ll never be alone again x2 - As in the line repeats twice. However, with Apple Music’s guidelines, you have to write the line fully and how many ever times it will repeat in your song. Hence your track will be formatted like this


We’ll never be alone again

We’ll never be alone again

If your intro begins with a vocal sample of someone conversing, acting as a premise to your story, you needn’t have to put that up as lyrics at all. Of course, you do have to transcribe your cadenzas and vocalizations, such as ‘ooh,’ ‘woah,’ ‘ah.’ and so on. Do not mention computer-generated descriptions for certain sound samples in your track. For example, Charlie Puth uses the sample of a light switch going ‘tick’ and the computer-generated description shall say ‘light switch turned off/on.’ However, you are not allowed to mention such descriptions in your lyrics when you are submitting to Apple Music.



Now the part that most singers are concerned about: explicit lyrics. If your song lyrics use explicit words and phrases then mention them as it is said in the song. If it is beeped out in the track, you have to use asterisks to mention the beep sound in the lyrics. For example, if your rap line goes, ‘All the (beep sound) trying to test me yeah,’ then your lyrics should be written as ‘All the ***** trying to test me yeah.’


It may take up to 10 business days for your submission to get approved and displayed whenever your track does play. As long as you have followed all of their rules, you should be good to go!


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