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How To Use AI for Music Album Artwork

ai for music album artwork artificial intelligence canva music album artwork May 12, 2023

Has AI taken over human intelligence? No. It is true that AI has made significant advancements in fields such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, among others. However, these advancements have largely been achieved through the development of complex algorithms and large amounts of data, rather than through the development of true artificial consciousness.


AI is designed to complement and enhance human intelligence, rather than replace it. Many applications of AI are designed to assist humans in completing tasks more efficiently, accurately, and quickly. In this way, AI can be seen as a tool that extends the capabilities of human intelligence, rather than as a replacement for it. One of these applications has now been extended to generating album artwork. Of course, it cannot be as close to human vision, but if you are running out of time or too busy to invest in artwork, then AI could be of big help. 


In this article, we’ve listed down some apps that could help you make your album artwork. is a platform that uses style transfer algorithms to transform images into works of art. You can use it to create album covers that combine the style of one image with the content of another. The platform also allows you to customize the style transfer process by adjusting the style and content weights. The feature of customization and adding many layers is a big plus. 





The DALL-E 2 system developed by OpenAI can rapidly produce lifelike images and artwork based on natural language descriptions, making it an ideal tool for creating intricate and visually appealing designs. Oh, if you know ChatGPT, then consider DALL-E 2 to be its cousin. 



NightCafe Creator


NightCafe Creator is a tool that uses sophisticated machine learning to turn your written prompts into unique images. When you sign up for NightCafe, you receive a free daily credit to experiment with the tool and explore its various functions. Here is a sample for the prompt: dream pop





Shutterstock has collaborated with OpenAI’s DALL-E technology to make AI-generated artwork accessible to a larger audience. Shutterstock is the first AI image generator to offer compensation to creators for their contributions to the AI process. This partnership allows for a wider distribution of AI-generated art and a fair compensation model for the creators involved. 

The fact that Shutterstock is paying the artists who helped develop the DALL-E technology is one of the partnership's distinctive features. This is a revolutionary move for the AI sector since it acknowledges the contribution of human inventors to the design and training of these potent machine-learning systems. The compensation model promotes a more balanced allocation of resources within the AI community and seeks to ensure that inventors are adequately compensated for their effort. See? Human vision can never be replaced. 




Fotor is a no-cost photo editing software that enables users to experiment with a variety of basic image editing tools. In addition to the basic tools, the software also provides access to special features such as AI photo effects, HDR, and RGB that are exclusive to Fotor. With Fotor, users can enhance and manipulate their images to create stunning visuals for personal or professional use.




Starryai is an AI-based art generator application that can transform textual prompts into visually stunning works of art. This app is particularly useful for those who are new to the world of AI-generated art as it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Starryai is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms, providing users with the opportunity to experiment with its features and create unique and engaging artwork. Whether for personal or professional use, Starryai offers a quick and convenient way to generate impressive visuals through the use of AI technology. Here’s a sample for the prompt ‘folk/indie track.’


                                                                                        is an AI-powered image generator that can produce images based on textual instructions provided by the user. This technology was created by training the AI on a dataset of images and their associated captions collected from the web. By analyzing this data, the AI was able to learn how to "illustrate" verbal commands and generate images that accurately represent the given instructions.



The training data used to develop allows the AI to recognize patterns and understand how to translate text into images. This innovative technology has many potential applications, including in the fields of graphic design, advertising, and marketing. By automating the image creation process, enables users to produce high-quality visuals quickly and efficiently, saving both time and resources.


Deep Dream Generator


Deep Dream Generator is an AI-based art generator that can convert plain text inputs into unique and visually stunning images. The generated images are completely one-of-a-kind, with no duplicates, thanks to the sophisticated algorithms used by the tool. With three art-generating modes to choose from and a variety of advanced control features, Deep Dream Generator provides users with the ability to fine-tune their generated images to meet their specific needs and preferences.




If all of this is a little confusing for you, don’t worry. Canva, one of the most widely used designing tools could also be used to generate album artwork. Take a look at our article on  Canva, An Easy Album Cover Maker For Musicians. Simple! 


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