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Reddit For Musicians

social media marketing Dec 09, 2022

Music Marketing On Reddit in 2023


Wait a second, people market on Reddit? Yes! Your music could reach better faces on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media places if it could gain attention on Reddit! Reddit provides songwriters with a diverse set of enthusiastic and interactive participants with whom you can discuss and debate issues and subjects on music. 



Market Your Music


The most effective place you could use Reddit as a music producer would be to market your music to the billions and billions of individuals who visit the site nearly every day. Reddit, like other natural social media optimization platforms, is available to use and can assist you in gaining prominence and a larger fan following, particularly among particular demographics in Reddit. Speaking of social media, check out our article on Music Marketing Using Social Media In 2023.


Reddit users post information in the manner of hyperlinks, pictures, or clips. Messages and comment threads on that topic are then “upvoted” or “downvoted.” The idea behind the upvote mechanism is direct: the freshly brewed content that is sensational, ascends to the top, whilst also thumbed-down content (invariably unimportant, offensive, or trollish) falls to the bottom.



Beyond the main section of Reddit, conversations are divided into separate groups known as “subreddits.” Reddit users can easily recognize the poorly disguised attempts at advertising and thus are commonly unfriendly to them. As a result, many subreddits have clear and specific rules prohibiting branding. 


Reddit welcomes enterprises to participate in the framework. The crucial point is that these companies must prioritize community engagement and significance over sales.


Artists for Collaboration


If you are seriously looking for an artist with whom you could collab, or are interested in building a band and are searching for guitarists, drummers, and so on, Reddit might actually be the best place for you. You can use subreddits and find someone who can match your vibe and complement your music career in a professional method. 



You could also find yourself a manager if you are looking to expand your team. LinkedIn is the official site for this, but if you would like to find a professional who you could know more about a little intimately, Reddit might be a great space. Reddit focuses on creating a network. If you consistently share and interact with your own or other people's music, you're likely to engage in reassuring discussions with people who have the same wavelength and indulge in the same topics. All of this contributes to users meeting the right people and developing their marketing strategy. 


Gigs and Events


Reddit is an excellent resource for finding out what is happening in your community, and this is particularly true when it comes to things related to the music industry. The stage likewise furnishes a discussion to visit with any individual who was at a similar gig - again revealing your organization and presenting you to new crowds and performers. Speaking of performance, do read our blog article on Music Royalties 101: How Performance Royalties Work.  



Let’s get some things cleared out though. You may be driven enough to try and make use of the platform to your best, but make sure you don’t artificially get your upvotes and overuse your subreddits. 


Here are some subreddits you could use:

  1. r/IndependentMusic

  2.  r/Music

  3. r/WeAreTheMusicMakers

  4. r/NewMusic

  5. r/PromoteYourMusic


Utilizing Reddit to share and advance your music is an extraordinary chance for free performers hoping to develop their standing. It can likewise assist you with finding other music industry experts who can assist with taking your profession to a higher level.


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