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The image talks about tracking your music marketing strategy and analyse the results of all the steps you have taken to up your music marketing game.

Effectively Track Your Music Marketing Strategy

build your skills music streaming: tips and tricks Apr 05, 2023

Planning a music marketing strategy

is a task, yes. But it is definitely not impossible. But what do you do once you have successfully established a business plan and employed it? You can only make sense of the results you will get from your plans if you effectively track and analyze in every stage and every process coming into action. But how do you do that? 


Tracking, in a big-picture sense, can appear to be tedious and vague. Maybe at times, it genuinely is. However, you could make tracking your plans and strategy a relatively easier task with a few pointers in mind. The idea is to deduce the plan to workable and easily recognizable factors. You’d need a kickstart and this article is precisely that. 


Time Logs


This is the most important factor while tracking and analyzing any business and marketing plan. Music marketing is no different, in fact, it the probably the only space where both short-term and long-term goals matter equally and may even be co-dependent. Hence, tracking your strategy and plan through set timelines will not only make your job easier but also give you a base for your analysis. For instance, if you have a strategy of actively using the ‘Discovery Mode’ on Spoftiy for Artsist, then you could see the results of it, one week into it, then the first month, and so on. Speaking of the same, don’t forget to check out our article on  How To Use The Discovery Mode On Spotify in 2023.  


Always try to represent these timed results in a graph. It becomes much easier then to understand if it’s affecting your music reach positively. Stagnancy is not a zero condition, it is a negative result in this context, so be mindful of that as well. You could compare your short-term and long-term goals and how the plan is working out with that. A correlation there could easily be established if you have time logs. Make a set plan as to when you will check into a strategy of yours, every Friday, every other Friday, or on weekends, beginning and at the end of the month, and so on. 


Understand your metrics and tools


The objectives and channels you choose are tightly linked to your digital marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For instance, evaluating crowd development and brand recognition requires entirely distinct sets of measurements. If your plan includes a greater SEO for your website, then metrics such as search potential, overall traffic, organic traffic, and keywords. If your strategy includes greater social media reach, then following, merch sales, ad analysis, crowd engagement, and so on are metrics you should ideally start off with. Read our article on How To Use SEO For Musicians.  



Irrespective of the channel you draw upon for your music marketing, you will always find features and tools you could effectively utilize, as an artist. Spotify For Artists, Google Analytics, Spotify Ad Studio, Chartmetric, and Soundchart to mention a few, really do help in the long run. Like Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, etc., the majority of social networks offer their individual tools and applications, yet they aren't the only ones. To assess the efficacy of your advertising on social media, you may additionally utilize services like and Sprout Social. Don’t miss out on our article on Music Marketing Using Social Media in 2023.  


To track a website or app, anyone can open a free Google Analytics account, and Google has a range of instruments to assist you in getting started. A heatmapping tool, such as Hotjar, can illustrate where users are investing so much time while visiting your site, and an activity monitoring and behavior-based tool, such as Kissmetrics, might provide more extensive data regarding how well a site is performing. It is possible to store all of your data in one place, but depending on the requirements you have as well as the level of detail you need, it could get expensive. With the aid of the web analytics platform HubSpot, you could connect every one of your metrics and provide input according to particular interactions and user activity. Moreover, a marketing dashboard like Cyfe or Klipfolio might assist in consolidating services in one location. It will end up requiring some know-how. 

SMART goals and trends


Smart goals indicate, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Try to seek such goals while you are tracking your strategy. Discover the causes and origins of trends. Then develop some conclusions. If it's a good trend, let it continue for a while longer while keeping a careful eye on it. If it's bad, consider doing one minor adjustment, then monitor it and record it. Compare your results every now and then. One of the major advantages of such goals is that breaking down info and data for someone who naturally doesn't come from a marketing background, becomes very easy and rather simple. Trends are not just what goes on for social media marketing, but also patterns that you could observe while you track your plan. Maybe for one of your releases, making a dance challenge on it worked wonders, maybe for another, it didn't. Maybe Spotify Marquee Ad worked amazingly well for all your pop tracks but not your Afro beats. Speaking of the same, don’t miss out on our article on How To Make Spotify Marquee Ads? 



There's always a pattern that the data you have at hand will try to show, keep a keen eye on how things have turned out before, and currently, and make a note of your predictions for the same. These are just certain things that you can begin with when you are just starting out. If you are still a little lost, we recommend you read our article on How To Market Your Music With No Money.


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