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How To Market Your Music on YouTube in 2023

build your skills music streaming: tips and tricks Jan 27, 2023

Navigating YouTube as Musicians 


YouTube is just not a place where you can publish your music on your channel, but it can also be a place where you can effectively market that music, just like you would on other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Speaking of which, check out our articles on How to Market Your Music On TikTok and How To Market Your Music On Twitter


YouTube has more than 2 billion users who are actively indulging in YouTube free accounts and YouTube stats suggest that up until 2021, there were more than 50 million users who used YouTube Premium. This is possibly the best digital market you could find! Hence, strategizing on how to market your music on YouTube and taking the procedure very seriously has become very vital in 2023. 


Like Spotify for Artists where you could get a chance to make a Marquee ad and promote your album or track, YouTube has something called YouTube for Artists too. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Spotify for Artists, we suggest you read our article on How To Make Spotify Marquee Ads. YouTube has added tools that make it a crucial forum for self-promotional performers as well as musicians, such as YouTube for Artists, which is fundamentally a data analysis section, that gives a user a variety of options to personalize their account or channel. 


YouTube literally implies videos, and yes, videos are very important when it comes to promotion. Think about it. Would you rather watch a 30-second clip of someone giving you a glimpse of a new track and telling you to check out their album or read about it in a post? Before you know it, the 30 seconds would have gotten over in a blink of an eye, and whether you liked it or not, the information imparted in those 30 seconds would have registered in your subconscious and probably surfaces better when you listen to the song on the radio again. 


Visuals are everything because it create a certain representation of your music that sits with the viewers on YouTube. If you would much rather consume something in a video format rather than read through a post or otherwise, then you should consider making videos about your music to market it better. 


In this article, we will guide you with tips for marketing your music and other features of YouTube you could use to effectively market your music as well as gain royalties from the increased viewership. Yes, you read that right, royalty checks. Read our article on YouTube Monetization 101: Income Generation to know more.



Always schedule your videos


Yup, you can do that with YouTube. Since videos are the biggest way you can communicate with your subscribers and potential viewers, make sure that you have a schedule and stick to it. You can preschedule your videos in case you want to avoid the last-minute run. Maintaining that schedule will also make you, as an artist, more consistent with your music marketing because the more regular you are, the more the viewers are learning from you. The followers would also know when to expect a new release or any other special clips that you have announced before, such as the making of a particular song, official lyrics video, and so on. 


Uploading all through rush hours during the day is a good general rule to guarantee that your clips reach as many individuals as conceivable, particularly if you have audiences in different countries. The regular uploads hint at the authenticity of the marketing. This could also include ads and brand collaborations you could do. 



You may be posting a YouTube short every Tuesday or you may go live every second Saturday, and sometimes, you may not have enough content to deliver. But those are actually the best because they allow you to better interact with your followers and listeners. You don’t know what you are going live for? You don’t have any announcements to make? That’s pretty cool. You could just interact with your viewers through live chat and ask them questions about your music, their favorite track and why, what are they expecting from you, do they have any ideas for your next album cover, and so on. 


Consistency may imply that you are delivering a lot more than you naturally would, but it would also mean that you are serious about what you are doing and there’s a certain sincerity with the clips, shorts, lives, or anything you post. So schedule things and make sure you stick to the schedule. 



Make use of that SEO


YouTube has its search engine optimization so make sure that you utilize that tool for better results. For those who don’t know what SEO is; it’s a method through which you can gain traffic (more people/views) toward your content by using keywords that are most searched and incorporating phrases that people would generally search in a browser to look up for the kind of information (in whatever method) you are supplying on the net. By focusing on what people are looking for, you could damn near assuredly boost the number of views and listeners. 



With YouTube, users can use search terms and Google words in the name of the video, key phrases and browse words in the description of the video, and tags that better explain what your video is all about, such as ‘lofi music’ or ‘psychedelia.’ When deciding what search terms to target, take into account that although specific key terms might have a large search volume, they might as well grab a substantial amount of competition. 


It's best to attempt to prioritize less competitive key phrases so that your video has a high possibility of being viewed. When deciding on track titles, keep SEO in mind. Names like 'Breakup Song' or 'Feel-Good Music' are cliched and thus extremely enterprising. So strive to be a little more innovative.



Be updated on the trends


YouTube Shorts will do the work, just follow it and watch some shorts, and you will get an idea. Read our article on Using YouTube Shorts to Promote Your Music


A single video clip could lead to massive fan development. As such, the next time whenever anything exciting happens, start making a video clip about that. You'd be shocked about the amount of creative outlet you can keep even as capitalizing on a trend. Google Trends is a great place to check out what's getting more popular online, or you could look at YouTube Trends to check out what's currently happening on YouTube. 



If nostalgia is something that is coming back popularly, try to write music along those lines. It needn’t necessarily mean you should write on everything that is happening but try to see what the people are actively engaging in and what original content you want to give and try to find a middle ground between the two. Patterns and crazes show up and then go, but even the instant publicity you can obtain by capitalizing on a brief fad may have a long-term effect. 


YouTube Shorts can help blow up your music if used properly and yes, they do have that potential. So following trends, and engaging with them, minimally or otherwise, makes a lot of difference. 

YouTube Premieres


YouTube premieres are great for music artists because they provide a chance to not only get the viewers on the edge of their seats but also give an insight as to the first impressions their music would be created through the comments and chats. We have a detailed note on YouTube premieres in the article YouTube Premiere: The Basics You Should Know.



These are very important pointers when you are just trying to engage with the platform and figure out what works best. As long as you’re consistent with your content, clever with your keywords, creative with your shorts, and intriguing with your promotions, YouTube will become an easy platform to market your music. 


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