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This image talks about what YouTube Premiere is and how is it helpful for music artists.

YouTube Premiere: The Basics You Should Know

music streaming: tips and tricks Oct 21, 2022

How To Use YouTube Premiere for Music Promotion 

With digital marketing and online streaming becoming prevalent and most important factors for any emerging music artist, live chat, live streaming, as well as live concerts, give an edge.

So what is YouTube Premiere?

When it comes to content creation, thousands of content creators and artists rely on YouTube because of the platform’s features and mass reach. As a result, something like ‘live streaming,’ was imbibed into YouTube, and hence, YouTube Premiere was introduced. 




How does it work?


Quite possibly a unique way that a music artist can turn their PR wheels comes from Facebook and YouTube with their premieres. YouTube premieres are a blend between conventional YouTube recordings and a live transfer. Like a normal YouTube video, you pre-record your video, only, it is played live, with the option to interact with the channel host. 


It's a YouTube-based television program with a set broadcast appointment and no spoilers. This feature reminds the users of the time your premiere will go live and shows an announcement for your video in your fans’ feed before it does, giving them a lot of opportunity to get ready to tune in. Along with Youtube Premieres, there are different other features of the platform you can best make use of, for instance, YouTube shorts, YouTube posts, and so on.


Speaking of YouTube shorts, do read our blog article on Using YouTube Shorts To Promote Your Music.



Why is it important?


For musicians and music artists, premieres like these become extremely important in terms of branding, music marketing, promotion as well as crowd-building. While your video is debuting, viewers can talk with one another very much like a live stream. Besides the fact that the users can better interact with you, the artist can likewise jump in and collaborate with the viewers while the video is live. 


YouTube premieres provide the capacity to collaborate with fans instantly! This changes the game for contacting your crowd and causes a whirlwind of action. The stage additionally permits you to prod your crowd with shareable watch pages! So don’t forget to share URLs, links, and other details on your social media. Your channel subscribers get reminders before the video goes live, and recordings being communicated in real-time will get an exceptional “premiere badge.” 



How do you set up a YouTube Premiere?


Step 1. Click on the video recording option on your YouTube Dashboard to upload your music video. 

Step 2. Select the video file you want to upload. 

Step 3. You will next have to give details in the Title, the Video Description, Keywords, and so on. 

Step 4. Click straightaway and go through the typical course of transferring and improving your video, in terms of platform optimization. 

Step 5. Next, click on the Visibility tab and choose the option, ‘Schedule.’ Select your desired time and date and checkbox the ‘Set as Premiere,’ option. 

Step 6. Upload the video and simultaneously select the ‘Premiere’ button. 

Step 7. Click on ‘Schedule,’ and your video will be processed!



What happens in a YouTube Premiere?


A "tune-in" notice will be shipped off to any viewer who has turned on the notifications for your channel, around 30 minutes before the premiere. Then a countdown shall begin. When that closes, your video will start playing.


Your presence at this premiere is most important as you can join the discussion! Your remarks will be featured at the highest point of the talk window since you'll be the artist whose music video or audio will be launched. When the premiere closes, the video will be documented like any other YouTube video of yours, and you can add it to any of your playlists, and include it on your channel page.


Youtube premieres are the best ways to get audience engagement, with a  wider reach, and to make your fans, followers, subscribers, and other viewers get a personalized view of you as an artist and your music. 

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