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Lyric Videos: A Powerful Tool for Music Promotion

Lyric Videos: A Powerful Tool for Music Promotion

music promotion strategies Apr 15, 2024

How to use Lyric Video for Music Promotion

Creating a lyric video is an effective strategy for promoting your music. It's a cost-effective method that allows you to reach a wider audience, engage with your fans, and make your music stand out in a crowded music scene. This article provides an in-depth guide on why you need to make a lyric video for your next single and how it can serve as a tool for music promotion.


Table of Contents

  1. What is a Lyric Video?

  2. Why You Need a Lyric Video?

  3. How to Create a Lyric Video?

  4. Pro Tips for Creating Engaging Lyric Videos

  5. FAQ Section

  6. Conclusion



What is a Lyric Video?

A lyric video is a type of music video that displays the lyrics to a song as the music plays. It's a simple yet powerful way to enhance the listener's experience by adding a visual element to your music.


Why You Need a Lyric Video?


Strategic Marketing Opportunity

Lyric videos provide a unique opportunity for marketing your music. You can upload them on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, which have millions of active users. This can significantly increase the visibility and reach of your music.



Unlike traditional music videos that require expensive equipment, actors, and sets, lyric videos are relatively inexpensive to produce. All you need is a computer and video editing software. This makes them an ideal choice for independent artists or bands on a budget.


Increases Brand Awareness

Lyric videos can help increase brand awareness. By featuring your logo and other visuals in the video, you can establish a recognizable presence in the music industry. This can lead to increased exposure and a bigger fan base.


Wider Audience Reach

Uploading a lyric video can significantly broaden your audience reach. As lyric videos can be easily shared on social media, it can lead to more eyes on your content and more potential fans for your music.


Engages Fans

Lyric videos provide an engaging way for fans to connect with your music. By displaying the lyrics alongside the music, fans can sing along, enhancing their listening experience. This engagement can create a stronger bond between the artist and the listener.


Helps You Stand Out

In a sea of music videos, a well-made lyric video can help your music stand out. It provides a unique way of presenting your song to the world, allowing you to showcase your creativity and vision.


Take FINNEAS for example. The lyric video to his single “Angel” is a masterpiece on its own. The lyric video consists of day-to-day visuals of your surroundings with lyrics seamlessly animated or just hand-written to give the entire lyric video a personal and raw touch.


Effectiveness of Lyric Videos

According to a study by Midia Research, lyric videos are found to be an effective promotional tool for musicians, with 69% of viewers would prefer listening to music with lyrics alongside. This statistic highlights the significant impact that lyric videos can have on engaging and retaining an audience.


How to Create a Lyric Video?

Creating a lyric video can be a simple and fun process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Find or Create the Background: Choose a captivating background for your video. It could be a still image, a moving image, or a block of colour. Make sure you have the rights to use the image or video.
  2. Choose Your Video Editing Software: There are several video editing software available, ranging from professional programs to free ones. Choose one that you're comfortable with and get familiar with its features. Some software to try would be DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  3. Upload Your Music: Import your music track into the video editing software. Make sure the music aligns with the start of the video or image you're using.
  4. Add the Lyrics: Using the text tool in the video editing software, add the lyrics to your song. Make sure they sync with the music.
  5. Review and Save: Once you've added the lyrics, review the video to ensure it meets your expectations. If you're satisfied, save your video.
  6. Upload and Share: The final step is to upload your lyric video to your preferred platform, like YouTube. Don't forget to promote it across all your social media channels to maximize its reach.

Here’s a short tutorial on how you can complete these steps with ease:

 How to Make a LYRIC VIDEO (For Beginners) | Make Your Own FREE Lyric Videos! (VideoPad Edition)


Pro Tips for Creating Engaging Lyric Videos

  1. Brainstorm Ideas: Before making a lyric video, spend some time brainstorming the concept of the song. Try to find a concept that is simple, beautiful, and relevant to the song.
  2. Use Stock Videos and Photos: You can use royalty-free stock videos and photos to bring your video to life. Websites like Pexels and Unsplash offer a vast collection of high-quality images and videos that you can use for free.
  3. Practice Using Your Software: Making a lyric video is a great way to practice your video editing skills. The more you use your software, the easier it will be to create more complex videos in the future. 
  4. Make Use of YouTube's Subtitle Feature: If your song is in a language other than English, you can use YouTube's subtitle feature to provide translations. This can help you reach a global audience.


Note: If someone is not inclined to make a lyric video themselves, they can easily hire skilled editors on websites like Fiverr at a very reasonable price. Fiverr is a popular platform where freelancers offer a wide range of services, from graphic design and programming to writing and digital marketing. 


FAQ Section

Q: How long should a lyric video be?

A: Ideally, a lyric video should be the same length as the song. This ensures that the video doesn't end abruptly and provides a complete experience for the viewer.

Q: Can I monetize my lyric video on YouTube?

A: Yes, you can monetize your lyric video on YouTube. However, you must own the rights to the music and the video content.

Q: Is it necessary to include the artist's name and song title in the lyric video?

A: Yes, it's a good practice to include the artist's name and song title in the lyric video. This can help viewers identify the song and the artist quickly.

Q: How can I make my lyric video more engaging?

A: To make your lyric video more engaging, you can incorporate interesting visuals, use different fonts and colours for the lyrics, and sync the lyrics with the music accurately.



Lyric videos can be a powerful tool for music promotion. They offer an engaging way to connect with fans, promote your music, and increase your brand awareness. Plus, they're easy and cost-effective to create. So, whether you're an aspiring artist or an industry veteran, lyric videos can be a powerful tool to propel your music career forward.

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