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The image talks about 7 artists who may be the top Spotify artists for the year 2022.

Spotify Top Artists in 2022

music streaming: tips and tricks Oct 12, 2022

Who’s your favorite artist in 2022? Who do you think you listened to the most on Spotify this year? What do you think are the most popular songs in 2022? Spotify was filled with so many voices and songs that became viral with TikTok, Instagram, and many other factors that played a vital role in deciding the top artists in Spotify 2022. 


Spotify is the most popular streaming service in the world, known for its ultra music recommendations and fantastic playlists. It's a great place to find new music. It is also a space where dedicated fans can stay up to date on what their beloved celebrity artists will release next. Here are the 7 Spotify top artists with their most popular songs in  2022. 


Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (Monthly Listeners - 78.19 million)



The No.1 Spotify Artist in 2022 is the creator of Shape of You, Ed Sheeran, with over 1 billion Spotify streams in just March 2022, grabbing the attention of global listeners. Although the superstar doesn't release albums as frequently as artists such as NBA Youngboy or Lil Durk, he is consistently at the top of the list of popular artists. 


Ed Sheeran is the most-listened-to artist for both 2018 and 2020. Most of his songs have more than 70% Spotify popularity; for example, his song Bad Habits has a Spotify popularity score of 96% while visiting hours has 74%. No wonder Ed Sheeran is Spotify’s No.1 artist in 2022!


The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Monthly Listeners - 77.34 million)



Can we ever get over the last five seconds of the official music video of Blinding lights where the Starboy singer has a maniac-retrospective laugh? No. The Canadian singer has been causing a stir in the music industry and is now one of the most popular artists in the world. 


The Weeknd has worked with famous artists, including Drake as well as Kendrick Lamar. Blinding Lights, one of his most popular songs, is the second most streamed song on Spotify. Not only is Blinding Lights one of the biggest hits from his album ‘After Hours,’ but ‘Dawn FM’ released in 2022 made its way to the limelight with tracks like In Your Eyes and Take My Breath. We are just living in The Weeknd’s world, aren’t we?


Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (Monthly Listeners - 62.75 million)



The singer of One Kiss, Don’t Start Now, and Levitating, the songs that rose to fame and instantly became viral in the past years, released another song with Elton John, called Cold Heart which became one of the most streamed songs of hers in 2022. 


Cold Heart featuring Elton John and Dua Lipa's vocals, debuts at No.1 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, with 8 million US streams (up 18% week on week) and 10,200 sales (up 10%), according to Billboard. With more than 9.7 billion streams overall, on Spotify, Dua Lipa makes her place as one of Spotify’s top artists in 2022. 


Harry Styles - As It Was (Monthly Listeners - 67.21 million)



Nothing was as it was when the English singer dropped this single in April 2022. As It Was easily became the most streamed, and viral track on TikTok and Instagram with a flood of reels. As It Was was confirmed as the most popular song in the United States by Spotify. 


According to Billboard, As It Was received 8.3 million streams in a single day, surpassing the 8 million received by Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License. Harry Styles became the most popular artist in just a week after As It Was was released on Spotify. The song has received 21.6 million streams worldwide, making it the most streamed song on Spotify after Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits. 


Doja Cat - Vegas (Monthly Listeners - 54.09 million)



The female artist who became popular with Woman in 2020 is back with another bang, Vegas, which has already received more than 200 million streams. Vegas becomes the 20th song of the artist to achieve this! With more than 50 million listeners a month, Doja Cat surpassed Drake’s One Dance as well.

Say So, Woman, and Need To Know among other hits that became popular songs in the previous year allude to Doja Cat’s successful music history. Vegas, which is a song from the motion picture ‘ELVIS’, lands a big number in 2022, easily making her one of Spotify’s top artists this year.


Ariana Grande - positions (Monthly Listeners - 51.83 million)



Ariana Grande, who is recognized by many to be Spotify's most popular artist, has been able to keep her position to be one of the leading female singers in the music industry. ‘Positions’ (album) ranked first on the Billboard 200 for two weeks. ‘Positions (Deluxe)’ received 86,101,005 streams in its first week on Spotify. 


With her recent release called Just Look Up, Ariana Grande tops the charts once again. Not only did positions, but safety net and 34+35 also became huge hits in the previous year. Her feature in The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears continues to get over 22.4 million streams. It comes as no surprise that she is one of Spotify’s top artists in 2022!


Adele - Easy On Me (Monthly Listeners - 42.3 million)


Hello? Yes, we’re listening to Adele! Easy On Me, the singer's most recent single, became Spotify's most-streamed song in a single day. With more than 10 billion streams, Adele's Easy On Me became her most popular song after a six-year hiatus. 


Easy on Me also broke the record for the most first-day streams of any song in Amazon Music history. Hello, with over 1.18 million streams, and Someone Like You, with 1.10 million streams, are Adele's most streamed songs on the platform. Adele didn’t go easy with her topping game!


Did your favorite make it to this list? Who do you think will be the top artists in 2022 that Spotify shall release this December? Here’s hoping you get your guesses right!


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