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10 Fresh Music Marketing Ideas

music marketing 101 May 30, 2021

Music Marketing Ideas Every Musician Needs To Know

You do not need to wait for a viral song to happen in order to aim your musical trajectory towards being a successful artist. You do not always need a proper music marketing plan in order to make small efforts to keep yourself relevant. Here are a few smaller music marketing strategy ideas that take very little effort or money to execute:


Interview Yourself or a Band Member

These self-directed “interviews” often help your fans develop a deeper connection with you. Fans love to get a glimpse inside the life and the creative processes of their artist of choice. In case you’re not sure what to ask yourself, you can always open it up to your fans and give them what they want!


Ask Your Fans To Use Your Music In Their Videos

Whether it is somebody’s instagram story, a vacation slideshow or maybe even a fan’s wedding montage, let your fans know that it is okay to use your music in their video projects. This can be extremely helpful in fetching some serious engagement in all social media platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.


Advertise on Instagram

Start steadily building a following by using Instagram more often. Whenever you have something cool to share, do so on Instagram. You can start by targeting those people who listen to music which is similar to yours, or listen to similar artists.


Curate a Spotify Playlist

Curate and promote a playlist of songs that are grouped according to a particular theme or genre that fits the kind of music you make. Feature some of your favorite tracks by other artists and sprinkle in a few of your original tunes. This way, more people will discover you.

Write a Blog Post Telling The Story Behind One of Your Songs

Fans love to read blog posts that dig deeper into the meanings of their favourite songs from you. Pick a song which you’re really passionate about, and give your fans a deeper understanding of the inspiration, the lyrics, the arrangements, the recording. There is a lot to talk about. Here's an Instagram post which you can pick up a couple of ideas from.

Take a few new band pictures

This can be a great source of joy for both you and your fans! All you need to do is grab a friend with a decent camera and do a no-budget DIY photoshoot. You can choose to have as much fun as you want with this: visit different places, wear different clothes, try different poses. Once you’re past the initial awkwardness of having to pose, photoshoots can be a blast! Make sure to take a variety of shots – portrait, landscape, close-ups, square etc.

Give your website the effort and maintenance it deserves

Yeah, we get it, doing website maintenance is boring, but you need to understand that it is the first thing that shows up on Google when you’re searched for. Since first impressions are at stake, let’s make sure we put our best foot forward. Do a quick check of whether all the information on the website is updated: contact information, pictures, news features, videos etc.  Don’t be afraid to sit down to give your website an entirely fresh look. Its art, aesthetics matter.

Whatever you do, make sure you make your website look professional.

Switch Up Your Email Capture Form

We’ve said this a million times, and we’ll say it again: Every musician needs an Email list. Email is yet to find a worthy opponent in terms of effectiveness. Email is by far the most effective way to communicate with fans and the fans that subscribe to your email list form a major chunk of your paying audience. Put a nice email capture form on the website, and make sure you mention a good reason why people should subscribe to your email list. 

Rig Rundowns

Make short videos explaining the different effects and instruments you use in your songs. Not only will the existing fans appreciate receiving the secrets of your sound, but you’ll also make it to the recommendations of people who are looking for gear recommendations or information about the specific piece of gear you’re demonstrating. And let’s face it, we never get tired of praising our gear now, do we?

Stream-From-Home Concert

It might finally be time to give Twitch or Instagram Live a try. Promote it on all your socials in the week leading up to it, and perform a short live set. You don’t even have to make it fancy. Just sit on the couch, or on the porch and just play some of the songs you love to play. Top it off with a Q&A session with your fans. All the good stuff!

Don’t make the mistake of promoting yourself only when you’re about to make a new release. Keep doing these low-effort methods of staying in your fans’ feeds. Treat this guide as a mini music marketing plan and steadily carve your path to musical glory!

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