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How To Market Your Music On Instagram

social media marketing Feb 15, 2023

Instagram for Musicians 


Social media has become an important part of our daily life, and we consume content daily. Hence, making full use of social media to promote your music becomes important. If you are new to the whole scene, we suggest you read our article on Music Marketing Using Social Media in 2023.


Instagram is pretty much everything, now. Yeah, and this is not even an exaggeration. With a drastic rise in influencers and content creators who make a sustainable profit just by posting videos online, Instagram has become a tough place to gain attention. But once you do, you can go viral in an instant. That’s precisely why you need to consider marketing your music on Instagram with a serious enough marketing strategy. 


Profile optimization


Establishing your Instagram account and bio is a simple process. However, there are some points to keep in mind to ensure that it is maximized and utilized to its fullest capacity. Having a crisp and precise bio is the most important component of the account. You cannot write an essay there, and you shouldn’t. Keep it quirky, simple, and very YOU. The less you add, the more your music will speak. You could link to your most recent launch or impending concert tickets, whichever is most relevant right now. Ensure to include the phrase “link in bio” anytime you share anything about it. 


Pay attention to the profile image you want to add. It should technically go with the overall aesthetic you have in your grid. Try to get your profile verified as well. A blue tick is the social validation you will ever need because it truly means one thing to any potential follower/fan: you are legit.



There are available expert options available, such as Linktree, that can integrate all of your key links onto a single website. This Link can then be utilized in your bio to connect to everything at in just one click.  It's a wonderful method for linking everything essential from your Ig account and a simple manner to avoid the app's one-link principle.



Post reels, regularly


Short content videos are the easiest, and most probably, the quickest way to market your music effectively on Instagram. This is precisely why TikTok works like magic for independent artists - you could go viral in just 2 days. Speaking of TikTok, read our article on How To Market Your Music On TikTok. Reels work pretty similarly to YouTube Shorts. If you don’t have any idea about that, we recommend you read our article on Using YouTube Shorts to Promote Your Music. TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are all very similar in format and, yeah, if it clicks, it really does click. You could post reels from footage of your behind-the-scenes, a clip for your music video, or you covering a track that went viral. Also, don’t miss our article on How To Add Your Song For Instagram Reels.  



As long as it represents you best as a music artist. If you're stuck with a block and have no ideas, don't be hesitant to look at what other musicians and equivalent performers are doing on Instagram. Undoubtedly, you really shouldn't copy-paste them. That is not acceptable. Rather, take whatever they're publishing and give it your spin to make it uniquely yours.

Always be organized


Maintaining an aesthetic grid with your profile. Choose a template that works the best for you and also represents your music. Decide how regular you want to be with your content. Do you want to post reels every Wednesday? Do you want to do an ‘ask-me-anything’ story session every Sunday with your followers? How often do go want to live? When should you post what? Yeah, these are important questions, especially if you want Instagram to become the second-best thing that happened with your music career (the first one being choosing music for yourself, obviously). 



Canva can be of big help with this, with scheduling your content and helping to create designs that match your vibe. Organizing and making plans in advance is extremely crucial if you're about to release an album or reveal a tour. You can start preparing your posts and visuals ahead of time and plan them to go on your grid at a particular time.

Instagram ads 


Yes, and it works! With the right way of representing your content and posting it at the right times, sponsored ads can get you the reach you want for your music. Ads don't have to be expensive, so it's worth a thought to determine how they impact your reach and fanbase. Since Instagram is acquired by Facebook, you could indeed create Instagram ads using the Facebook Ads Manager. Initially, determine your objectives and goals. 



Ads Manager does provide examples of tracking goals. Brand Recognition, Interaction, and Viewership are three of the most useful metrics for songwriters. Keep in mind that specific goals are useful to detect and a lot simpler to determine if your ads are producing the preferred influence. Start off small with your finances and figure things out as you go along if you're new to supported posts and advertisements so you won't blow a significant amount of money straight away. Based on your objectives, you have the option to pay by cost per thousand impressions or cost-per-click.


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